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Corn Bread
Corn bread is a kind of bread made by processing corn flour into flour after baking. Add salt and a little sugar to the corn flour and cook it after the yeast.
A special flavor of Trabzon, it is especially prepared with a quick preparation. It is prepared with corn flour, butter, wired cheese, water and salt. Cheese is served when you start to tender.
Kale Rolls
The special black cabbage wedge to the Eastern Black Sea region is an indispensable source of food for special occasions and guests. It is diversified to be meaty, splitting corn and plain.
Akçaabat Meatballs
At the present time, Akcaabat meatball, which has become popular as a local taste with the help of many meatball masters, is a food that has exceeded the borders of the country and has international demand. Carefully selected cattle fed by highland grass; Nerves and extra fat are used in meat minced meat. This ground beef is left in the cupboard for a day and served after being cooked on the meat grill. We are waiting for you to taste this taste which is registered with the name of Akçaabat.
Hazelnut passed as a sacred fruit in history. A large part of the Eastern Black Sea is especially hazelnut. Is the lifeblood of the local economy. Hazelnut, which had an important place in the religious life of the ancient Turks, was also considered to be a symbol of peace and well-being. Hazelnut is considered sacred in some nations like Turks.
Tea in the region began in 1930 ‘s. Five years after planting and three times a year, the tea plant is a centennial plant. Especially in the provinces of eastern Trabzon, tea cultivation is carried out.
Vakfıkebir Bread
Vakfıkebir Stone Bakery It is the only bread that is cooked in stone ovens, which is not only in Turkey but also in the world with its shape, taste and ostentatious properties and sold in slices. The stone oven bread is mainly cooked in special oven, water, wood, flour, yeast, air, shape, weight and cooker. For this reason, the Vakfıkebir standard is never captured, although it is produced all over our country.
Kalkanoğlu Rice
In 1853, after the Ottoman-Russian war, food and clothes were the most troublesome thing. As food, the soldier could only get rice and soup and bread every day. In 1856, rice was weighed with daily scales and after that for 5 generations Pazarkapı is the home of production of Kalkanoğlu pilaf.
Trabzon Date
Though it is a raw material sought in the industry, which is known as the ‘Paradise Date’ among the people and has a significant place in terms of prevention of cancer and many diseases, skin beauty and ‘diet’, which can survive in the cold between minus 12 and 18 degrees in winter but still not appreciated enough.
Pickle Roasting
It is a local dish with roasted pickles.
Tonya Butter
Tonya butter is passed in the Trabzon Vilayet Salnamesi of 1887 and is praised for this reason as the hometown of Tonya’s butter. Butter has always been accused of medical circles for years. Increases cholesterol; So it was claimed that it prepared the grounds for diseases such as hypertension, infarction, paralysis. But the fat that our ancestors used extensively was butter.
Cherry Laure
Karayemiş fruit is known in our country as taflan, karamiş, katattak, laz grape, laz-georgian cherry, Tçko and tanal. The area where the plant spreads is the eastern regions of the Black Sea, Caucasus, Taurus, North and East Marmara. It is generally the fruit of mild climate regions.
Our practical tastes come from the very beginning of our local tastes. It is prepared with flour, egg, parsley and water, and is prepared with deep fry in oil.
Sürmene Pita
Dried pizza, which is made by using handmade, local cheese and meat products, is cooked in stone ovens and served with Trabzon’s butter. The materials used with the dough opening and cooking style are different from the others as Sürmene pita. We recommend that all our guests who fall by the road do not return to their homes without eating pita in our beautiful Sürmene.
The jam and jam of the lychee (blueberry) juice are made intensely. Thus, this fruit is beneficial not only in his healing but also in his morning tables.
Especially in the winter months, the anchovy is prepared by mixing the sea water with the corn flour, onion and parsley. It is eaten with frying in liquid oil.