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Hagia Sophia Museum
It sits at the western entrance of the city along the on the highway. This museum is one of the most important buildings of Byzantine monuments in Trabzon.
Trabzon History Museum
Trabzon’s heart Ortahisar, which has been the subject of legends and novels for over four decades, has been the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire after the conquest and was the..
Trabzonspor Şamil Ekinci Museum
Trabzonspor Museum opened on 23 September 1996 and continues to serve as Mustafa Şamil Ekinci in the new building since February 2011.
Museum of Trabzon
The building is one of the most important civil architectural works reflecting the grandeur of 19th century Trabzon with its location, architecture and magnificent workmanship.
Trabzon City Museum
When you visit Trabzon City Museum, you’ll see that Trabzon ‘s geographical structure, architectural and urban texture, cultural, economical structure, traditional crafts, tourism,..