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Sumela Monastery
Sumela Monastery, within the borders of Altındere Village of Maçka District, was built on sheep rock cliffs at the skirts of Karadağ Mountain which overlooks the Altındere Valley.
Kaledibi Church
It was built in 1306 by Theodora Tzanichites and Gregory Kamachenos. Metropolitan Constantinos (1830 - 1879) was rebuilt in 1856 in accordance with its original condition.
Panagia Thaoskepastos
Boztepe is located on a slope in a predominantly municipal settlement. The monastery complex built on two terraces is surrounded by a high protection wall. Monastery was built in the time of III.
Kuştul Monastery
The monastery, named Peristera, was built in the middle of the 8th century on the rock block, which is hard to reach in the vicinity of Şimşirli-Kuştul village of Maçka and developed with late..
Vazelon Monastery
The monastery is located 7 km west of the Kiremitli Village of Maçka district, 14 km away from Maçka, within the pine forests.
Kaymaklı Monastery
3 km south east of Trabzon near Boztepe’s Değirmendere valley. It was built in 1424.
AKÇAABAT Akçaabat ilçesi, Orta Mah. Şapel Yapım Yılı: 19 YY Kesme taştan inşa edilmiş tek nefldir. Apsisi içten ve dıştan yuvarlaktır. 3 pencerelidir. Yapının taşıyıcı örtüsü kuzey ve güneyde duvar payeleri arasına atılan kemerle desteklenen beşik tonozdur. Duvar kalıntılarından yapının batısında kuzey-güney doğrultusunda dikdörtgen bir narteks bulunduğu anlaşılmaktadır.
AKÇAABAT Akçaabat ilçesi, Orta Mahalle ST. Michael Kilisesi Yapım Yılı: 13-14.YY Trabzon Akçaabat İlçesi, Orta Mahalle semtindedir. Kilisenin Komnenoslar zamanında yapıldığı sanılmaktadır. Komnenos Manuel, Selçuklu ordusunu 30 Ağustos 1332’de yenmiş ve bu zaferi kutlamak amacıyla bu kiliseyi yaptırmıştır. Kilise Rumlar tarafından 1846 yılında onarılmıştır.
St. Barbara Monastery
In the continuation of the mountain where the Sumela Monastery was built, it is placed on the natural rock platform, almost in line with it. The monastery is entered at the gate of the protection wall in the south. On the right there is the basic remnants of the monastery cells that are placed as judges of the valedictory. The hearths are visible in the cells, in the middle. The church, which is the main structure of the monastery, has a rectangular plan and a single apse.
St. Maria Catholic Church
It consists of a group of buildings in a garden surrounded by high walls. The church building is in the north - east corner of the area. The roof of the church, which has a rectangular plan in Baroque style, has two facades. According to plan it is built with three nefits and without abscissa.. The naves are covered with vaults. The interiors of the church are decorated with icons and frescoes that reflect the characteristics of the period. The church is connected to the Vatican.
St. Anna Church
The building is the oldest Byzantine church in the city. It was written in the Greek book on the entrance gate that it was rebuilt in the time of Basil I in 884-885. It is known that the three-naved, basilica-planned church made of stone has narthex, but today there is no remains or sign. Naves are circular plan from inside and outside. There is a crypt and there are two ion-capped columns with Naosta "T" -shaped two feet. The church used until 1923 was repaired. It is out of use today.
Çömlekçi Church
The 14th century church is planned with three naves and three apses basilica and covered with vaults. From the north and the apse of the building it is illuminated by a stone stairway to the northern part of the chorus. Today, as a result of substantial repairs, it has been used as a mukhtar and reading room.