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The name of the central district of Trabzon, which is a metropolitan city with the design of the metropolis which was accepted on 12 November 2012, was determined as Ortahisar.
Akçaabat is one of the pleasant seaside districts of Trabzon. Akçaabat’s history is clearly related to Trabzon’s history.
Its known that name of Araklı comes from Arakale (which means mid castle). There are several castles located around the district.
Since the Middle Ages, Arsin has been continuing its existence as a settlement center and Fatih Sultan Mehmet attended the Ottoman lands on 26 October 1461 with the conquest of Trabzon.
Older names of Beşikdüzü are Yavabolu – Yabol, Şarlı Akhisar. Descendant of Turkoman came to this area from East and Southeast Anatolia in 13th and 14th century.
Çarşıbaşı is located 30 km from Trabzon city center at the west side of the city. Earlier name of the district was İskefiye and it was changed to Çarşıbaşı in 1962.
According to historical informations Çaykara was a haunt point from Hittites to other nations. Çaykara was domineered by Pechenegs and Byzantine communities.
According to the resources from Kanuni Sultan Süleyman’s period, there were 5 villages.
First communities were settled down in the bushy forests. This first site named Güneşara (which means away from the sun). District’s name comes from two rivers and the two bridges.
Because of its geographic location Maçka has been very important route from archaic times. Maçka is on silkroad so it was the opening gate of Trabzon.
There are a few ideas, predictions about where did name of the district come from.
Because there are few flat areas in coastal area, settlement is also small. Thanks to abundant rainfall, the mountains are covered with forest and floras.
Şalpazarı ilçesinde yerleşimin çok eski tarihlere dayandığı bilinmektedir. Yörede yaşayan insanlar Oğuzların Üçoklar boyundan olan Çepni'lerdir.
During the Ottoman period, there was a feudalism in Tonya. Ali Agha, the most important of these derebeys, had dedicated soldiers in his territory and made his own defense.
The first name of the Vakfıkebir was Fol. This name comes from a same named river, which is born 45 km south of the district and  poures into the sea in the district center.
Even if it is known as district become well populated and prosperous by Genoese, it is unknown what was the first founded year. After conqured by Ottoman Empire, there were some policies to make the area more Islamic. Because of that Empire brought Sheikhes from Kahramanmaraş. According to some resources some people come to Dernekpazarı for clean air and good life conditions to avoid diseases.
In some local publications Of is one of the cities established by sailors from Mythos. And until became a part of Pontus Kingdom  it was a independent. Earlies informations about the area are from Heredotus history. Heredotus mentions about an Amazons community in the area. And beside that Amazons community also there are other local ethnic groups. Before the nations Trabzon was belonged to Hittite, 1900s BC Hittite Empire was established.
It is known that if the history of the establishment of Yomra is to be evaluated by the history of Trabzon, it is known that a group of immigrants made from four cores of Central Asia came to the Black Sea coasts and established the city of Trabzon by descending Turco people from the CaucasusPlateaus and Iran Plateau. Yomra has seen all the occupations that Trabzon has experienced. District continued the construction activities and responded the attacks together.