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The omnipotents woven in the wooden hand looms connect the local women to their heads and the pavilions to the belleres. Each area has a different pattern with different designs. Root dyes and pendants, hand-woven linen and fabrics can be used both in everyday life and for decorative purposes.
Sürmene Knife
In Sürmene, knife-making and iron mine operations date back to 3,000 years ago. The first Genoese used this work; Kuman Turks, Greeks after them Turks continued these studies and tradition. Varieties of running knives, double wedges, dolphin-headed knives, knife types, hunting knives, sacrificial knives and fruit knives are usually everyday knives.
Our knitted baskets made with hazelnut branches are made in almost every district. The Black Sea man has developed different types of baskets for different functions. In general they serve for the purposes of carrying, wearing the collar and putting it back. For example, there are types such as bread shelter, rear basket, three base basket, hazel basket and tea basket.
Kazaziye means silk work. The person who does this job is called kazaz. The Kazaziye art is a workmanship originating in Dagestan and used in the ornaments of horses and horsemen, as well as in wedding dresses, with chains, bows, motifs, ornaments made of horsehair pegs or silk wire as raw materials during periods when gold and silver can not be thinned. Nowadays, 24-carat pure gold or 1000-carat pure silver is made into thin wire with a thickness of 0.08 micron.
Trabzon Straw
The first Turks who came from Central Asia to the Black Sea Region and settled in the vicinity of Trabzon, the Tibarenes connected to Turanlılar, The Elizans brought knitting. These professionary branches, which have developed as well as the sun, are the foundation of the Trabzon Jewelery.
Eastern Black Sea Region is known to have the richest copper deposits of Anatolia from the geological point of view. Copper raw material obtained from the copper deposits in the region is processed in the skilled hands of Trabzonian masters in Trabzon workshops. Trabzon still traditionally produces copper, bronze and brass kitchen utensils.
Yayık (Churn)
In Trabzon plateau houses, wheat is used as a tool to obtain products such as butter and ayran from animal products.
They are woven from painted or unpainted wool. Uncoated pure wool is in white and brown natural colors. Trabzon produces many handmade socks, men’s socks, women’s socks, children’s socks this way. Also among these, there are sock ornaments with triangular motifs of Trabzon. And it is used as a measure against the bad luck.
Boxwood Spoon
In Trabzon, spoons are known by names such as spoons, big spoons and scoops by type and size. The boxwood tree is often found in our prairies and in the Yomra districts. Şimşir spoon is also famous in Köprübaşı Province.