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Piece of Heaven

Etkinlik Takvimi

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Trabzon Lokasyon Haritası
On The Coast of Blue Sea
On The High Cliffs
Dream of Sultan's Son
Sürmene Knife
In Sürmene, knife-making and iron mine operations date back to 3,000 years ago. The first Genoese used this work; Kuman Turks, Greeks after them Turks continued these studies and tradition. Varieties of running knives, double wedges, dolphin-headed knives, knife types, hunting knives, sacrificial knives and fruit knives are usually everyday knives.
Corn Bread
Corn bread is a kind of bread made by processing corn flour into flour after baking. Add salt and a little sugar to the corn flour and cook it after the yeast.
Serander, the most prominent product of the local folk architecture... In old times there were cereals, potatoes and so on. Serander is also known for its different names, such as the storage of foodstuffs such as corn drying and storage, as well as the preservation of a wide variety of food in a dry environment and protection from rodents.
Fortress of Trabzon
The city walls, which have been preserved until today, are form the old buildings of the city. The oldest part of today's walls is from Roman period, 4th century. Historical sources give information about the older phases of the walls. B.C. Xenophon who saw the city in the 4th century speaks of the presence of the walls.
Culture, History and City of CivilizationTrabzon continues to be an outstanding city in every period of its history and again, continues to be an important city and geographical area in the era when we live in the field of tourism as it is in every area with its history, nature, cultural richness and entrepreneurial people.
As for the Black Sea, among the seafood, firstly anchovy comes to mind. The Turkish and Black Sea kitchens have a special importance in the region, where they are most loved and made a lot of food. It is also the first type of fish written a folk song in the name of. Trabzon is one of the livelihood resources of the people because of being established in the coastal part of the province.
With 4 Thousand Years of History
Imperial Capital
Asmasu Şelalesi
Asmasu Şelalesi
Çal Mağarası
Cal Cave
Sera Gölü
Sera Lake
Balıklı Göl
Balıklı Lake
Akçaabat Köftesi
Akçaabat Meatballs
Mısır Ekmeği
Corn Bread
Vakfıkebir Ekmeği
Vakfıkebir Bread
Sürmene Pidesi
Sürmene Pita
Tonya Tereyağı
Tonya Butter

Fatih'tir, Selim'dir, Süleyman'dır