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Piece of Heaven

Etkinlik Takvimi

30 km
Trabzon Lokasyon Haritası
On The Coast of Blue Sea
On The High Cliffs
Dream of Sultan's Son
Houses of Ortamahalle
In the Black Sea, the mountains extend parallel to the sea. There are roads leading from the sea to the mountains of Trabzon. On one of those roads, when you climb from Akçaabat, you meet the Ortamahalle with its magnificent mansions that testify to you on a slope overlooking the Black Sea. The cobble stoned paved roads carry the footsteps of those descending for centuries.
The Return of Ten Thousands The Anabasis
This is the first written source belongs to Trabzon and the region. Anabasis is the book of Roman Revolutionary Commander Ksenephon in 401 BC, along with 10 thousand soldiers and assistants, telling about the Return of Ten Thousand to reach Greece.
Serander, the most prominent product of the local folk architecture... In old times there were cereals, potatoes and so on. Serander is also known for its different names, such as the storage of foodstuffs such as corn drying and storage, as well as the preservation of a wide variety of food in a dry environment and protection from rodents.
A special flavor of Trabzon, it is especially prepared with a quick preparation. It is prepared with corn flour, butter, wired cheese, water and salt. Cheese is served when you start to tender.
It is known that the origin of telkari, which means wire work, is common in ancient Greece and Rome where it was used in Anatolia in BC 2500’s and BC 3000 in Mesopotamia. It is said that it is widespread in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia after the 15th century and that telkarin is the influence of Dagestani masters at the settlement in Trabzon.
Hagia Sophia Museum
It sits at the western entrance of the city along the on the highway. This museum is one of the most important buildings of Byzantine monuments in Trabzon. Between 1238 and 1263, during the time of Manuel Komnenos I, it was built as a monastery church with the use of the Byzantine style, the Georgian onion dome, and the harmony with the Seljuk stone procession.
With 4 Thousand Years of History
Imperial Capital
Asmasu Şelalesi
Asmasu Şelalesi
Çal Mağarası
Cal Cave
Sera Gölü
Sera Lake
Balıklı Göl
Balıklı Lake
Akçaabat Köftesi
Akçaabat Meatballs
Mısır Ekmeği
Corn Bread
Vakfıkebir Ekmeği
Vakfıkebir Bread
Sürmene Pidesi
Sürmene Pita
Tonya Tereyağı
Tonya Butter

Fatih'tir, Selim'dir, Süleyman'dır