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Piece of Heaven
30 km
Trabzon Lokasyon Haritası
On The Coast of Blue Sea
On The High Cliffs
Dream of Sultan's Son
Ağaçbaşı Peat Bog
Ağaçbaşı Peat Swamps in Trabzon province is located in the boundaries of Köprübaşı and Sürmene districts, 67, 40 km away from Köprübaşı, 1950- 2100 meters elevated, there is a wavy-looking platoon.
Vakfıkebir Bread
Vakfıkebir Stone Bakery It is the only bread that is cooked in stone ovens, which is not only in Turkey but also in the world with its shape, taste and ostentatious properties and sold in slices. The stone oven bread is mainly cooked in special oven, water, wood, flour, yeast, air, shape, weight and cooker.
Trabzonspor Şamil Ekinci Museum
Trabzonspor Museum opened on 23 September 1996 and continues to serve as Mustafa Şamil Ekinci in the new building since February 2011. In addition to the museum cups, there are exhibits of old uniforms, football boots, licenses, gifts given by rival clubs in European Cup competitions, match day magazines and many valuable materials about Trabzon’s sport history.
Kayabaşı Plateau
Kayabaşı plateau is bound to Trabzon Düzköy district. This unique beauty plateau, which is not too far away from the city, can be reached very comfortably with your car, you can also make your stay. The lava flow, at an altitude of 1800 m, has a unique landscape surrounded by spruce trees.
It is known that the origin of telkari, which means wire work, is common in ancient Greece and Rome where it was used in Anatolia in BC 2500’s and BC 3000 in Mesopotamia. It is said that it is widespread in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia after the 15th century and that telkarin is the influence of Dagestani masters at the settlement in Trabzon.
Kalkanoğlu Rice
In 1853, after the Ottoman-Russian war, food and clothes were the most troublesome thing. As food, the soldier could only get rice and soup and bread every day. In 1856, rice was weighed with daily scales and after that for 5 generations Pazarkapı is the home of production of Kalkanoğlu pilaf.
With 4 Thousand Years of History
Imperial Capital
Asmasu Şelalesi
Asmasu Şelalesi
Çal Mağarası
Cal Cave
Sera Gölü
Sera Lake
Balıklı Göl
Balıklı Lake
Akçaabat Köftesi
Akçaabat Meatballs
Mısır Ekmeği
Corn Bread
Vakfıkebir Ekmeği
Vakfıkebir Bread
Sürmene Pidesi
Sürmene Pita
Tonya Tereyağı
Tonya Butter

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