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Şalpazarı Ağasar Kültür Şenliği
Haziran ayının ilk Pazar günü Şalpazarı ilçesinde yapılan kültür şenliğidir.
04 June 2018

30 km
Trabzon Lokasyon Haritası
On The Coast of Blue Sea
On The High Cliffs
Dream of Sultan's Son
Trabzonspor Şamil Ekinci Museum
Trabzonspor Museum opened on 23 September 1996 and continues to serve as Mustafa Şamil Ekinci in the new building since February 2011. In addition to the museum cups, there are exhibits of old uniforms, football boots, licenses, gifts given by rival clubs in European Cup competitions, match day magazines and many valuable materials about Trabzon’s sport history.
Our knitted baskets made with hazelnut branches are made in almost every district. The Black Sea man has developed different types of baskets for different functions. In general they serve for the purposes of carrying, wearing the collar and putting it back. For example, there are types such as bread shelter, rear basket, three base basket, hazel basket and tea basket.
Tea in the region began in 1930 ‘s. Five years after planting and three times a year, the tea plant is a centennial plant. Especially in the provinces of eastern Trabzon, tea cultivation is carried out.
Hazelnut passed as a sacred fruit in history. A large part of the Eastern Black Sea is especially hazelnut. Is the lifeblood of the local economy. Hazelnut, which had an important place in the religious life of the ancient Turks, was also considered to be a symbol of peace and well-being. Hazelnut is considered sacred in some nations like Turks.
Kalkanoğlu Rice
In 1853, after the Ottoman-Russian war, food and clothes were the most troublesome thing. As food, the soldier could only get rice and soup and bread every day. In 1856, rice was weighed with daily scales and after that for 5 generations Pazarkapı is the home of production of Kalkanoğlu pilaf.
Houses of Ortamahalle
In the Black Sea, the mountains extend parallel to the sea. There are roads leading from the sea to the mountains of Trabzon. On one of those roads, when you climb from Akçaabat, you meet the Ortamahalle with its magnificent mansions that testify to you on a slope overlooking the Black Sea. The cobble stoned paved roads carry the footsteps of those descending for centuries.
With 4 Thousand Years of History
Imperial Capital
Asmasu Şelalesi
Asmasu Şelalesi
Çal Mağarası
Cal Cave
Sera Gölü
Sera Lake
Balıklı Göl
Balıklı Lake
Akçaabat Köftesi
Akçaabat Meatballs
Mısır Ekmeği
Corn Bread
Vakfıkebir Ekmeği
Vakfıkebir Bread
Sürmene Pidesi
Sürmene Pita
Tonya Tereyağı
Tonya Butter

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